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Post » Sat Apr 21, 2012 4:11 pm

Hey Folks

I just saw some Myth-Busters and it reminded me of some probability calculations      (That i got wrong back then..) About the Chances to win the price in a Game show.

So here is a Little Game i made in the last two hours ^^

Like on many TV shows we got 3 Doors, You take a Guess and the show-master opens one door he knows has no price in it.. Is it better to stay, or change Doors?

TV Game show Probability

Here is the Capx if you want to take a Look at it


It can probably be made more efficient, dunno

I might add some Win %

Edit Edit:
I got it on the Arcade now
Scirra ArcadeSchoening2012-04-21 17:20:39
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