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Post » Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:13 pm

Also another difference is that I think unity export to different formats(one for each platform), while C2 exports to html5 (which is interpreted by each platform concerned)

C2 wrappers actually are against the whole concept of html5 being multiplatform all by itself, it is like a little bonus, but C2 is still and will be html5 by essence (unless they change their mind about that), wrappers are more an ease of distribution rather than a reliable thing (cocoonjs can be broken easily, crosswalks is just an older chrome for android, etc..., only phonegap is not counter productive, but it is not a viable solution yet), as mostly the .html is the actual export and work well on sufficient devices with updated browsers. And so of course monetisation on wrapped mobile is not easy to implement since it relies on more 3rd party not so standard compliant wrappers instead of relying on a standard technology when the entire C2 engine relies more on a standard way of doing things.
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Post » Tue Oct 21, 2014 4:57 pm

I know I'm replying to an old top but didn't want to create a new one.

There is many game engines, even AAA games don't all use the same engine the engine is chosen based on what the game needs are.

For me that is high quality 2D support and C2 or Unity supports that, 3D support now I can just write a plugin with C2s SDK no problem, as I'm just working on an old school 16bit RPG however that RPG is over 200+ hours long and is why Unity would take the development process over 10 years to complete by 1 person which is me! With C2 i can probably write 1 game ark in 6 months time which is about 10-15 hours of gameplay.

I'm not writing a short game, it is based on a manga series and I'm also working on a concept of an action-rpg which also will be long but be a standard 60 hour game.

However, a decent tile engine and map editor would help C2 out quite a bit^^...
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