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Post » Thu May 02, 2013 5:08 pm

I get some problems while trying to make an update for my game:

When I go for the first time (aka: the game isn't cached), I just can't pass 98%, and also, The game will not load entierely before sending me to the first layout (as if I wanted a loader layout, but I set loader layout to "No", a bug maybe?), these are issues, since the first time players want to play my game:

-They can't load to 100% (even if the game is fully downloaded)
-They still have to refresh the page the first time (also, what if they just don't use cache on my website, which is possible)

EDIT: I solved it, It seems the "is downloading update" becomes false right before loading progress becomes equal to 1Aphrodite2013-05-03 22:15:46
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