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While engines like C2 or Game Maker may make you lazy, they have the advantage of time, you can make a Super Mario game in hours without complex code skills. Also C2 is a great tool for learning how games are made (code/action flow).

But if you have time so spend and the possibility to learn programming, nothing beats pure code programming ;)

Good luck :D
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@ubuntuonline I am also frustrated with C2. I have 1.5 years experience on it, and made some $ as a freelancer, but I have to reject a lot of clients that ask a mobile version + ad support. I am still making games in C2 but I also learn Unity3d + C# which is a awesome and powerful engine. (Unity3d can also make 2d games). Learning Java will only help you make Android games (and apps), learning Unity + C# (or JavaScript) you will be able to export to all mobile platforms + Xbox and PlayStation. The downside : many months of learning, but the community there is 100 times larger and 100 more clients are looking for Unity developers (on oDesk at least). Whatever you do, it will always be some frustration on the road:) . another downside is that Unity is an expensive engine $1500+ but you can also use the free version to build games. You will have some shaders disabled and Unity splash at the beginning of the game (like the crappy CocoonJS).
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