Use XboX Kinect with Construct?

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Post » Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:58 pm

[quote="DravenX":3m86i5ns]It would be nice to use the Kinect within Construct,Then you could create some wierd and innovative games.But don't count the ps3 eye out,It can be used on a pc with all it's features.If only there were a plugin for construct to utilize the power of both these cams.[/quote:3m86i5ns]

Found a program that can map key inputs to certain body actions: [url:3m86i5ns][/url:3m86i5ns] (scroll down for the installation instructions). Haven't tried it out myself yet though.

The problem of the PS3 eye is that it's mainly just a 60 fps camera with a 640x480 resolution, all of it's "depth sensing" is done by the proprietary software. This means that any RGB webcam can be used to do it (like the one on Kinect, which is also able to do 640x480, but only at 30fps which has a little bit of lag as shown here [url:3m86i5ns][/url:3m86i5ns]). So should a developer only want to create/play games that use only one device, Kinect can be used entirely to combine the methods that the consoles use (skeletal + light spheres).

Also: for people who want to do motion sensing similar to Kinect and Move on the PC with any old webcam (recommended minimum of 30fps), check out Camspace [url:3m86i5ns][/url:3m86i5ns]. It looks for a colour/object and tracks it in 3D like Move.
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Post » Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:21 pm

Wow thanks for the info jayjay.Well the developers should concentrate more on the AI of todays games.Imagine duke nukem on kinect seeing you and then analyzing your face etc... on then come up with one of his classic remarks like "your face your #ss ,What's the difference" lol
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Post » Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:11 pm

After trying out the Kinect at my sisters during christmas I can say that it worked better than I expected it too. Kinects bowling game is a bit more fun than the Wii one. However, judging how well the hardware works by how well the games work is a bit unfair since a lot of problems could be accounted to bad programming. I'd rather see some form of range test application for the device than relying on how well the games work.

I'm not sure how much of a chore it is to get the Kinect working on a PC (Edit: Apparently there are official kinect drivers for windows available), but this is certaintly an alternative. ... nes-for-pc

Also, the Sonic Riders games were crap the first two times they released it. Why would a Kinect enabled one be different? XD
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