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Post » Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:05 pm

Hello, Construct community,

I'm planning to do some sort of top-down Action RPG with Scirra. I originally planned to have 3d character/object models in a 2d world, but since Scirra doesn't seem to support advanced 3D (animations and such), but does have a 3DObject object, I figured I might do the reverse (sprite objects in 3d world).

I've got a basic room model set up for a test project, but I'm already running into some questions...

1) How to set up the "path" for the model? I tried relative and absolute paths, but none displayed the model.

2) Do you deem 3DObject capable of allowing 3d environments? They needn't be very detailed. I'm shooting for visuals a la Recettear (linky).
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