Using Facebook Ads to Drive Purchases of a Paid Android App

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Post » Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:07 am

Hello Everyone,

I've been testing Facebook ads and thought I'd share my results with the community.

I have a paid app that I developed that I think is fairly high quality. I'm charging $2.99 for it. Some people may think that's too much, but that's a conversation for another day :)

Anyways, I figured I'd use Facebook to advertise my game. Facebook lets you use some pretty impressive targeting features which is helpful for getting targeted add clicks. Since I have a paid app, I know that only people who are genuinely interested in my app will purchase the game. I tried to narrow down my audience as best as I could, choosing people who expressed interest in a popular game that is similar to mine. I also narrowed people down to those who have an Android phone.

I started with just $10 to test the waters. I used an ad style with a slider consisting of 5 screenshots of my game, each with a captivating subtitle. I set the campaign for 36 hours, and I set my cost per click limit at $0.38.

The results of my campaign were a total of 1800 people that saw my ad.
39 people clicked on my ad, with an average cost of about 25 cents a click.
During those 36 hours, 8 people purchased my app and 3 people returned it, netting me around $10 after googles fees. (my daily install rate was hovering around 0 before the advertising campaign.)

My initial results tell me that it my campaign was worth it. I didn't make any money, but my small app has 5 more players, one of which left a 5 star review. I'm hoping to expand to see if I can get similar, if not better, results. I'll try and keep you posted.

Has anyone else had any success with PPC advertising?
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Post » Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:56 pm

I used to be in Search Engine Marketing, about 2 years, but that was mostly Google Adwords. Interesting results from your Facebook experiment, I don't know SEM on their side of things but I'm guessing it's similar - the more clicks your ad gets, the more you can start to slide back your spend while maintaining position (or is FB different?)

You went through your entire budget - do you know how quickly over the 36 hours you reached your cap, or does FB dole the ad out slowly over the set time frame?
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