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Post » Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:13 pm

So I'm trying to use objects from one layout on another layout. I've checked the "Global" box on each object I'd like to use on both. While I'm able to actually use the objects in events, I can't actually place them in the layout itself (as in, they don't appear in the Objects window). What I'm essentially trying to do is take a rock (decoration) that I used in my first layout and use it in my second as well without having to create another copy of the rock. Any advice?

(while I'm here too, I should probably ask: if I were to migrate to C2, would I be able to transfer my current CC game to it, or is C2 not backwards-compatible?)

Thanks a lot.
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Post » Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:21 am

The global object is used to have objects transfer between all layouts, unless they are destroyed, and only happens at run-time.

It sounds like you just want to copy and paste the object (unless you paste as clone, it will still be the same sprite name) and you can even do this within the same layout

As for porting to C2, the events and interface will be similar but you'll need to remake it sadly. Graphics should be easy to copy and paste between them though, and hopefully all the features should be about the same (there's some things C2 does very differently, or that C2 has and CC doesn't, or that CC has and C2 doesn't eg: 3D box and 3D model objects).
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