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Post » Wed Feb 12, 2014 6:55 pm

Hey guys,

Valentine's Day is soon and I want to ask you all to help me push my app. It has been completely made with construct2 and it is available on my own new site, on facebook, on android and finally on ios;-).

My game is a little clicker game and It is based on love. You need to type in something you love. You just got one hour to reach the highest score. You can gain lovepoints by touching the heart in the middle and you can invest your lovepoints in gifts. Gifts are producing lovepoints over time by themselves. When you level up you can spend skill points on special abilities that improve your productivity.

Would be amazing if you can share your highscore on facebook. Feedback is always appreciated too. Let me know what you think .

"How Much I Love" on Facebook

"How Much I Love" on my own site

"How Much I Love" on Android

"How uch I Love" on iOS

Cheers, Marco MACPK2014-02-14 07:14:41
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