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Post » Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:23 pm

Here is my game for C3Jam

have fun playing ;)


Downtown Varadouro is doomed by monsters.
Be a hero, defeat all the monsters and
find the source of this menace.

Controls: AWD or Arrow Keys
B to punch
1 toggle sounds ' effects On/Off
2 toggle music On/Off

This is a small platform game made for the C3Jam "Good Things Come in Threes", so the player has 3 life, there is 3 kind of enemies and 3 old houses as background. Have fun playing!

* * *
TIP: when fighting the Boss, punch the red ball and avoid the lighting bolt!
* * *
CHEAT CODE: remember "Good Things Come in Threes", so: if hold Up Arrow (or W) and press Enter to start the game, the life of the player will be multiplied by three (3x3=9 life).
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