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Post » Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:39 pm

Boa tarde ,

Fiz uma compra do Software Construct 2 versão PERSONAL pela Steam , ate ai tudo bem , usei normalmente , depois que formatei o notebook , e instalei novamente e atualizei , ele fica dizendo que e a versão free, sendo que eu comprei a versão personal . Por que isto está acontecendo ?
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Aguardo retorno urgente.

Deivisson Silva

Good afternoon,

I made a purchase of software Construct 2 PERSONAL version for Steam, so far so good, used normally after formatted the laptop, and installed again and updated, he is saying and the free version, and I bought a personal version. Why is this happening?
NOTE: Nick in my Steam = erleyxd / email =

I await urgent return.

Deivisson Silva
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Post » Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:56 am

Hello when writing on Scirra's forums, please always do provide a translation to English (even a google translate one) as those forums are English only.

For your issue, as it concerns Steam's version, I'm afraid you would have to check out with Steam support (in your language hopefully) so they let you know how to get your license back on your new computer. You may also check C2's discussions on Steam in your language (and/or in English) in case some people went through the same issue and posted about the solution they've had.
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