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Post » Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:01 pm

The issue is described in the subject.

Original bug report is here:

The bug was closed right after Ashley left his - quite desputable - answer, so I have to open this topic and duplicate my response here.

IMHO, it should be better if someone from C2 team - knowing what's inside the "blackbox" - inform FF team about the issue. It will look odd for me to come to FF guys and tell "hi, I have a problem with some third-party game engine. I don't know how it work, but it's your bug for sure", isn't it?)
I don't actually know how a video is rendered in C2 to be able to describe the issue. It definitly doesn't use a normal _video_ tag, because the one works fine in FF.

So, the question is - can I somehow force C2 to use _video_ tag for playing videos?
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