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Post » Sat Jun 27, 2015 8:04 am

Hi everyone,
Actually i had made a game in construct 2 which also includes couple of videos.. while making game when i was previewing it in browser., the video was been playing fine., even when i was making my website (when i had not hosted my site) i exported the game to html5., and try to run it in my website, then also video was being played..
But when i hosted my site., purchased domain.., after that when i ran that game on website., the video was not getting played., neither i was able to see the video., nor i was able to listen the audio of that video....
I tried using different formats of video in my project(i:e mp4,webm,ogg) but result is still same.... I also checked MIME types of my website host server., all options and types are available there...
Please help me out as my whole website is dependent on this game....

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