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Post » Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:29 pm

How does the debugger display 3D arrays?

I have a 3D array that I'm using to keep track of level statuses in my world map, but I'm having trouble deciphering how to interpret a multi-dimensional array in the debugger.

The dimensions represent how the levels are broken down, so in my case:
X = which Area is it in
Y = which Level is it
Z = which Challenge is it (each level can have several different challenges)

The values can be either locked, unlocked, or completed.

Here's a screenshot of what the array looks like in the debugger

It seems like the display is missing a dimension, or that I'm just seeing the values for the first levels in each area and something else happens farther off on the right, which I can't see because I can't scroll over there (it just cuts off).

Is there any way to get a more thorough look at the contents of one of these sorts of arrays in the debugger?
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