[SOLVED] Mouseover Object Bug or very odd behviour

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Post » Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:29 pm

Thank you, that does make sense, but i would have had no idea how to get the css into my capx project.

Also for anyone else looking at this, in CSS an ID has to be unique so in this case setting an ID on the object set the same ID on all the buttons.

The css needed for this is
Code: Select all
cursor: pointer;

This will set it for all buttons.

Also just in case people are not familiar with CSS the tutorial above uses a file called style.css but it can be called anything, so long as it matches the load command from the event sheet. Style.css is a very common name for css files and its best to avoid one that may conflict.

@zenox98 I consider this a bug as Construct 2 is controlling the CSS of the buttons and the JS of setting the mouseover which seems to conflict , thus preventing that action on a button object.

It would be useful if this page
mentioned more about CSS or that C2 has its own cursor styles.
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