How do I make gravity gun like HL2?

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Post » Thu Mar 06, 2014 8:24 pm

Hi all.

SORRY for my Eng.

I want to create gravy gun like in Half Life 2 to my platform game, buuut..
I got to create similarity of gravy-gun, but it has too much minuses

When u click LBM magnet is activated, and it pulls objects within a certain radius.
When u click RBM magnet is diactivated.

1. I want player, whom pulled box(for exsample), could run with it, but when player is running, box is VERY very lagging (deleate "Pin" from my project and look )
2. Box is going into walls.

Also box should have Physics Behavior, and it should fly to u(like in HL2).

My project(remove gaps): rghost. ru/52872287
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