Straight question: Is Construct suitable for a big project?

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Post » Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:23 pm

[quote="Arima":84n9ji07]Quirk alert: if you're talking about copying and pasting between .caps, that's an unfinished feature and can seriously mess up a .cap. Keep it all in one .cap (aside from backups, obviously), and use a different layout for your development testing instead (or use a different .cap for anything you don't care about having to recreate).[/quote:84n9ji07]

Oh, great tip. Thanks for sharing!

[quote="Arsonide":84n9ji07]You will hear differing opinions from person to person, but Construct Classic is quite capable of large projects. Even more so if you know a little C++ and want to get your hands dirty in the SDK.[/quote:84n9ji07]

I have not considered this option. I have been programming on C++ since 2003 so could be a good idea to see what's really going on the SDK (and share the results)

[quote="Mr Wolf":84n9ji07]If you have a GTX 400/500 (possibly others?) GPU, there's a bug which messes up textures when they're loaded/set in the image editor. It is usually just non-power-of-2 textures, but I've seen it happen to power-of-2 ones as well.[/quote:84n9ji07]

Thanks. Luckily (?) I have a GTS 250 and haven't seen that problem so far. The only issue I get is, when I tick on Motion Blur, on app properties, game crashes when exits. Motion blur appears correctly though.
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