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Post » Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:22 pm

worm1 wrote:I have same problem that @gamecorpstudio . The effect work fine in localhost but when i export the project the effect bug ;(

Any ideas ?

if you read what i posted, is that the effect works for layers perfect based on what @Newt said what i wanted to use it is for each character which adds that tilted effect of the shadow giving it a bit extra dimensional look, so u could compromise and instead of adding the effect on sprite just add it to the layer the sprites are and should work, however u need to take in consideration the sprite collision box if i remember correctly all collision boxes need to be the same for that layer or the scene ur using it in. if that is to much, then i suggest just using a sprite that follows the character same as i did with the ground shadow under character feet. good luck!
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