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Hello everyone,

First, I have to warn you, I’m not very comfortable in English, I’m a French Student in Cognitive Psychology/Ergonomy Master course. I have to work on a project to validate my first year of master degree.
My work is about « non-permanent elements of HUDs in 2D video games».

Basically this is what I am going to investigate :
- Player expertise vs performance – Player expertise vs situation awareness
- Proximity compatibility principle vs performance - Proximity compatibility principle vs situation awareness
- S.E.E.V model vs performance – S.E.E.V vs situation awareness

After some research, I decided to work on the « auto-run » from the construct 2 library with QTE sequence from https://www. /articles/atelier-crea-coder-qte-simple-construct-2. (Because I'm a new member I can't put a link)
The runner is the « sustained attentionnal task » which will be the « classic environement ». And the QTE element, would be the non permanent element I will work on. But I need to be able to change the location of the element and it’s nature (composition).

The problems are :
- I never worked on softwares, I don’t have enough time to learn how to use it, and time flies…
- I need to « blend » the auto-runner with the QTE I found. But in addition, I need to change things like instead of a « touch » to validate the QTE, press a key.
- And maybe more things, depanding on how hard you find it to realise.

My main request is:
- How to "blend" the auto-runner from the construct 2 library with the QTE ? (In order to have a decent working sequence)

Maybe It’s not quite appropriate to ask for something like that, but I don’t know where to ask, how I could do to have my « experimental conditions ». The only thing I can offer is to put your name on the second page of my report. In France this work is called a « mémoire de recherche », sometimes it is published in scientific reviews, it depends on the relevance, and I think it could be a great thing for anybody to take part to something like that.

Thank you verymuch.

Richard Dautriche
Student – Master Degree 1 - ECIT-FH Toulouse Jean Jaurès
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