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regisRquoi wrote:Hey! I'd love to help but infortunatly, if I'm kinda Okay with writing, I suck pretty much at english, I'm not good artist and I just begin with construct2. :p

Altrough, since I'm there, I'd like to point out you have some game design issues with your games (do you have a dedicated member of the group for game design? You didn't talk about game designer in your presentation.), specially the first one, with the school, work sleep thing. I dont know really where I can comment on it, so I'll just leave it there, it's just advices so you might making it better:

First, you have a feedback problem. It took me long to realize clicking on sleep and work where doing something to me (adding money and health), and even more long to realize studing could make my grade better (since you actually have to study for a long time for anything to happen). there should be a visual and audio effect when you have your cursor on the buttons and when you click (like in the first menu) and something that indicate you what it does (it can be an arrow the first time you click for exemple). For school, the first click could make you pass from "grade:none" to "grade:F", and there could be a progress bar to know if you're progressing.
Oh and the health, when you have no health left, there's nothing to say it to you except "0/100", and you have to guess that it stop you from working, that's bad. there should be a visual feedback (the screen turning a bit red for exemple), and something that tells you what it does (for exemple, it could cross the money and the grade when you try to study or work.)

Also you don't have a meaningful gameplay right now. the only rule you have is that when you dont have health, you cant work or study; and when you study, you work better.
So actually, not having health means nothing but needing to click on 'sleep'. While in every other game it makes you die! (which btw make me thing you could rename it "energy" cause it'd be more appropriate.) I dont feel like there would be any consequences if I work too hard for exemple. My health will be equal to 0 but that's all.
You could add something that makes you lose lvls when the player is out of energy for exemple.
Also you could add more things than sleeping. Like, eating, drinking, or I dunno. (And it'd be interesting cause you can eat at work so you dont have to go home, but it makes you gain less energy, and you have to buy the food first.)
Anyway: the game needs to be more alive, more interactive.

Thirdly, You should have more events like the cat asking if the player wanna cheat, that's make the thing alive! (and the same event shouldn't happen twice or it should happen lot of time with a random issue (it'd make you earn 5lvl or lose 5lvl, I dont know if it's the case right now with your game)

(Oh! And, more difficult to fix problem that is not a game design one: don't you have a composer either in your group? No music at all? ='( )

Anyway, maybe it's an old project and you dont want to even touch it again, but it can gives you ideas for your visual novel anyway.
If you need advices like these for your game I'd be happy to help btw. :)
Have a nice day :')

Hi, thank you for your input into this. I will try and structure my reply in order with your post:
First please understand that this is actually the least developed game of the two on the website. It's actually in Alpha version where as the clickers game is in Beta.
None of our team are currently working on those two games other than myself as we're making our main focus the visual novel! Therefore I have done the best I can with the limited resources I have.

Health/Energy - It is in fact called Energy. I don't have any form of 'health' in the game. When energy is at 0 you need to go home to rest.

With more time and development on the game and when it's out of beta there will be much more functionality (There's even a battle system in plans for it) it's just going to take some time with the Visual Novel being our primary focus.
This will also include an opening scene for a tutorial to actually give players a good grasp on what to do.

For a quick overview to the game.
In the top left corner you have the name of the character, your current money and the current day (That's the small number in the circle) the day will change each time you sleep. You have 100 days to get into the guild or the game won't let you sleep again!
(Cheat tip) If you focus all of your time into studying until you're Grade: A - You will be able to get plenty of money from work to buy all the gems in the shop and get into the guild hall.
In this Alpha version, the game ends in the guild hall but that will eventually change.

Thanks again for your input. I appreciate it :)
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andreyin wrote:Have you looked into Ren'py? As much as I love C2, Ren'py is great for Visual Novels.

Also, are any of the positions paid? I'm a coder and I'd love to tackle something like this.

Hey! I have actually been recommended Ren'py before. I have never tried it but it does look intuitive.
The reason I would rather use construct is the fact that it's not 'just' a visual novel. We're also including other features such as stats, puzzles and combat scenes to spice things up a little. This is where Construct makes it much more functional than Ren'py.

Right now we're in the concepts and writing stage. For the code we will be looking to start early next year once we have finished artwork ready to go.
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