Voice-over - Robot Overlord pt.1 (Sound Effects)

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Voice-over - Robot Overlord pt.1 — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!


Evil Robot Overlord Voice-over

You need your villains to sound evil right? This pack contains 100+ words and phrases you might expect to hear from an evil robot overlord. His voice is coarse, harsh, raspy, unpleasant and most importantly - evil.

This pack includes phrases suitable for everything from the start of a battle to it's conclusion and everything in-between, including:

  • War-cries
  • Victory shouts
  • Exclamations of defeat and disbelief
  • General insults
  • Evil commands like "rip her apart" or "tare the infidel to pieces:
  • General evil-ness

This is the first instalment of the Evil Robot Overlord voice-over. If you have ideas for things you want included in later packs, send me your suggestions and I'll try to include them.

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