Warp FX bug/problem

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Post » Sat Feb 15, 2014 3:36 pm

Link to .capx file:

Steps to reproduce:
1. Move the truck by pressing the arrows and watch how the warp FX works on the trees.

Observed result:
The slowly moving trees start moving FAR faster than expected on some conditions. In my original capx they move faster every time I move up or down,but in the example they move faster when they are at certain positions (normally when you move the truck up/down and it is at the same height that the trees sprites)

Expected result:
Even if there is no bug, the FX should work consistently and continue to behave / move in a controlled manner unless we change the attributes.

Browsers affected:
Firefox: yes

Operating system & service pack:

Win 7

Construct 2 version:

releases 152 & 161 64bit
    Naurgalen2014-02-16 08:01:37
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