Wealthmighty Dream

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Wealthmighty Dream

The city of Wealthmighty is considered a First Class city. And that's why lots of immigrants try to join the city, in search of better life conditions. But that's not what the First Class citziens want, so a Foreman was hired to handle the situation. His job is don't let the immigrants join the city, and build a wall around it, to have a definitive solution. Game developed for #TAGjam13

Instructions (also inside the game, on the How To Play option)
Left click anywhere to set a destiny for the foreman;
Left click the arrow icons to scroll the map or use the arrow keys on keyboard;
Left click an immigrant to shoot, if the foreman is close enough;
Make the foreman touch the immigrants to convert them to workers;
Left click a worker to select it, and then click a wall plan to make it start building.

You can play it here at Scirra Arcade:
http://www.scirra.com/arcade/action/179 ... ghty-dream
Or on Hilgames' official host site:
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