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Post » Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:25 am

Hello ALL. I have a bit of a problem and I need some ideas for a solution.

I have created a digital message board that works on a lan. Im using the socket IO/web chat for it. I have a client on a shared drive. Now everyone can run the client and connect to the socket. I am passing messages back and fourth fine. I have put in the ability to delete Items and update status. When this happens the client will send to the socket IO and it then updates all clients with the messages.

The problem... Saving and syncing. This works perfectly if all clients start at the same time. But if a new client starts it is not displaying the same items as the rest. So deleting and updating cannot happen if it does it will delete and update the wrong thing as the index numbers of the objects is different.

I have tried to have one special client send its contents to a newly launched client to update when it starts but the results have been poor and inconsistent.

Save and load is not an option as each client saves locally so I cant be sure the same contents are saved and loaded.

If I could have all of the clients load or save to the same file or place then it would be very easy.

Is there a way to save and load to a central location ?
Bear in mind I have exported clients as desktop node web kit.

I would like all clients on a lan to load the same content when they start up..

This way all deletion and appending will happen to the same indexed objects.

Any ideas would be appreciated Im at wits end with this one. The loader I was trying to make is not really an option as this program is getting way to complex already and I just cant get it to work.

My solution at the moment is to restart all clients when a new client starts. It makes sure everything is in sync but all old messages are lost.

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