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Post » Mon May 09, 2011 12:58 am

Have a website for your Construct games, tutorials, etc.? How about a Construct community site or forum? Feel free to post them here.

Thread rules:
[size=85:kqg5yp4c][*:kqg5yp4c]We don't like spam! If you're a contributing member of the forum, then you're welcome to post your Construct-related links here.[/*:m:kqg5yp4c]
[*:kqg5yp4c]We don't like spam! If you're just signing up to spam your site, you may regret it! At least make an introduction in this thread before you post your site.[/*:m:kqg5yp4c]
[*:kqg5yp4c]We don't like spam! If you post a site that is not related to Construct or gaming or game design in general, it might be removed.[/*:m:kqg5yp4c]
[*:kqg5yp4c]If you are selling a product on your site, or otherwise generating revenue from traffic, then please ask a mod or admin for permission to post your link. Because, as you may have heard, we don't like spam![/*:m:kqg5yp4c][/list:u:kqg5yp4c][/size:kqg5yp4c]
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