what about a new joint type: the slide joint

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Post » Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:07 pm

I am using c2 as a personal physics lab, trying to create puzzle, little games or simple funny things using physic behaviour.
actually I'm missing a SLIDE joint, useful to create more complex simulations.
Can SCIRRA guys please think about implement a SLIDE JOINT in C2?

and what about a 'real' physics with physical paramenters for the different materials (stone, iron, wood)
just to realize a little personal FINITE ELEMENT system in games or in simulations. just a new parameter to read useful to detect the break of an element (i.e. sprite.maxtensionX and sprite.maxloadX)

Anyway... I bow to C2, soooo funny and sooo simple (I use MMF2, GS, STENCYL and I feel C2 is one step beyond...)

thanks for the attention
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