what is the app id in xdk??

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Post » Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:07 am

volkiller730 wrote:@JRobert101 @codah this is the name that will appear on the people who buy your app credit card statements. you can put whatever you want it to be so that they will recognize where the charge came from. So app name or Company name will work. I recommend if your going to do more then one app make it the Company name or and abbreviation. you can also change this name later through google wallet

oh ok I had it wrong way around
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Post » Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:53 am

@JRoberts101 I recommend to put your company (and that is in many cases your personal) name there. You could get some problems if this is not a clear statement. This term will show up on invoices. In Germany e.g. you have to show your personal name as a freelancer/individual person (if not registered as a public company). This might be different on what country you are located in. In case you want to sell it worldewide I would take the most correct statement. If you put your personal name like it shows up on your ID you should be fine. I know developers like to hide it but as long as you sell apps or monetize through ads it is commercial/business ground and that requires correct names. This post is not a legal advice. You should ask a local tax consultant if you need to be sure on that.
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