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Post » Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:33 pm

I worked in Holland, Malta, Poland (office job) and worked for USA, Canada, BVI, UK and others remotely. I have never been asked about my degree or my education at all to be honest. I think IT (and especially game industry) don't really care about your education but about your skills. So as mentioned above, portfolio is your best friend and there is no better engine than C2 to make one pretty quick.

Once you master C2 you are actually capable of doing almost anything (2d), so I'm sure you'll find a way to monetize your knowledge. But if you really want to go to some game company then you are right - they don't really search for C2 developers. In that case I would recommend Unity + C#, because it seems to be the most popular tool in majority of game companies, so with good knowledge of Unity and C# you'll probably have the biggest chances to get a job in such company.

Just a word regarding education again. You will surely be asked about your education if you go to interview without having any portfolio. But I doubt you'll get a job without portfolio even if you have a degree of some famous university. So highly recommend making a nice portfolio :)
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Post » Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:19 am

plinkie wrote:
I'm also EA alumni :D I was pretty much going to respond with what you said. OP didn't state what role they were looking for, a degree helps you to understand the various roles in game development but is not 100% necessary for games jobs if you have some experience and a portfolio. If you were to become a game designer I think a portfolio of games made in C2 would suffice. If you were to become a games programmer then a game made in C2 wouldn't be enough experience as you don't really know a programming language, so you'd have to do a degree or take some online courses. I worked as a dev for a short while at Lionhead and this was from just learning Kismet and UScript within Unreal Engine 3 in my spare time, creating some demo levels and learning how to fix bugs with the scripting language.

A degree can certainly help out if you have no prior experience, fresh out of school, and applying for a certain position. Sometimes that's the only way to show that you have some know-how. But there's always different ways to land a job in gaming industry. Contacts, friends working there, trainee/internships, etc etc, but once you have a foot in the door a the experience weighs more than any degree i would say.
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