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in February 2012

Hello, February 2012 has been a short month (29 days), still it was another pretty intense month for Construct 2's releases, website and community.

  • 7 releases for Construct 2 :

    • Release 78 - Particles, families variables and drag & drop
    • Release 79 - Mainly bugfixes and useful tweaks to physics and platform behaviors
    • Release 79.2 - Mainly bugfixes from r79 introduced bugs
    • Release 79.3 - Mainly bugfixes from r79 introduced bugs
    • Release 79.4 - Mainly bugfixes from r79 introduced bugs
    • Release 80 - Beta update with appMobi plugin, built-in backup and more.
    • Release 80.2 - Beta Bugfix version for the bugs introduced in r80

(The features listed here are only the "highlighted" features for each release. Check each release page to see the complete changelog and comments for each version)

Be sure to keep updated to the most recent release of Construct 2

  • Construct2

    • Construct 2 is one year old - Happy birthday C2
    • Construct2 releases are now splitted between "beta" (for testing) and "stable" (already tested). Read more in r80's changelog

  • Quite a bunch of new custom plugins and behaviors for Construct2 were released during the shortest month of 2012:

  • 4 blogs articles were written by Tom and Ashley:

  • A few posts from the forum that deserve your attention

  • Also there's been quite a few new tutorials. The community is sharing more and more useful informations/tips/tricks and knowledge.
    There have been also a great deal of new games uploaded in the Arcade and in the Your creations forum. Take the opportunity of this topic to post about the games you may have tried this past month and enjoyed a great deal. It will bring some welcomed exposure to the games and their authors.

    This shortest month of 2012 has been pretty intense in C2 releases as well as in the website/community in general.

    We're still all alive, see you next month.Kyatric2012-03-02 04:16:59
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    Excellent summary as always, thanks very much!
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    Mmm. Great summary, thanks!
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