What you may have missed in July 2014

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In July 2014

Image New releases
  • Release 175 Beta - Art and sound reimport improvements.

The features listed here are only the "highlighted" features for each release. Check each release page to see the complete changelog and comments for each version)

Be sure to keep updated to the most recent release of Construct 2

If you think you have found a bug in Construct 2 you can report it in this forum BUT
  • Make sure it is not already a reported bug by searching through the "Bugs" forum
  • Make sure it is not a bug in your events, a difference between what you have coded and what you would expect
  • Make sure you're using the very latest version of Construct 2 (beta possibly, stable if this is the very latest release available)
  • Attach a .capx of the issue in the simplest manner possible (no 100+ events capx, no 10 mb capx)
  • Make sure to read How to report bugs before posting and providing all the required informations (your configuration, the steps to use to reproduce the bug, any relevant information you can provide)

It is really important since about 50% of reports aren't bugs which takes time out of working on Construct2 directly.
Be responsible, help everybody by making sure it's not your events in cause first.

Image Third part addons

Image Blog posts
  1. Scirra
    • 2030 Jam competition results - Tom makes a list of the winners and runners up of the competition that took place during June over at Newgrounds.

Image Reminder

Image Former retrospect
As an added bonus, here is a list of the former "What you may have missed" posts for the year.

Summer is on us and is a quieter period.
As mentioned by Ashley the summer schedule is a bit lighter but new versions and regular update cycle will come back soon enough.
Enjoy the sun, being out and vacations anyone who has some :D
New to Construct ? Where to start

Image Image

Image Image

Please attach a capx to any help request or bug report !
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Thanks a lot Kyatric! These summaries are always useful.
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Thanks Kyatric! I was looking for one of these. Keep it up!
I like giving game advice more than I actually like making games ;)

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Much thanks for your share, i have Collect it
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