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Post » Thu Jan 01, 2015 6:01 pm

Dear Santa Ashley,

I know that you've just finish your for 2014 so i start a new list of idea/feature that i want to see for C2 in 2015.
I promise i'll keep calm and that i'll do all my code with C2 :P

1 - Time Line Editor
This is for me a MUST HAVE for C2.
Just like GodotEngine, Unity, Cocos2DStudio, MightyEditor (they use phaser)
this will be soooo wonderful and powerfull for C2 to have something like that.
Drag/drop objet on list, create animatin that modifie variable of the object and voila
you could create a complete menu animation with different sprite/bouton.
moving easily ennemy or background probs with out anycode (just something like systeme -> play_timeline ("Grats to Ashley")
The possibility with a timeline editor will really extend C2 capability

2 - sub-object creation or link/pin in the editor
Actually the design of an objet is limited by his own nature (sprite, bg ect...)
Why not imagine an empty object that you can create like a little scene (or like an other node (GodotEngine design))
Imagine an object Player that will have :
-> a sprite like now with multiple animation and sprite and multi imagepoint
-> a particule attached on a imagepoint (and not like now attached and positionned by code and layout startup -_-') for a jetpack for exemple
-> sound attached to the player
-> ect....
When you create a level, you will only drag the global object "player" and the subobject will allready be here and setup.
Maybe the actual conteiner can be expend on this way.

3 - Extend the Editor + Add Editor Gizmo for add-on/behaviors
Actually for me the force of C2 isn't is code engine, not because the core engine is bad but you can have the same on other engine (html5 or not) with the same or more feature.
For me the strongest thing of C2 is his editor and the perfect integration with his engine.
A good way to extend the editor is like the 2nd point, the ability to link object/setup object.
-> Pin object to a other directly in the editor
-> Setup physic in the editor (creation joint ect...)
An other good thing could be the ability to have Gizmo/Debug draw on the editor or in debug lunch.
I've a trigger that active a door.
In my level i'll have different trigger that activate different door.
Each trigger will have the reference of the door that it'll activate.
A little colored square for exemple and a line between the 2 objects could be a good things when C2 detect a object reference in a object variable.

4 - Mobile Export / Game Export / Application Export
Actually this is an old subject that have a lot of posts about it.
But after all the only reason of this subject is the performance of C2 on mobile device.
you make the choice of the futur with HTML5.
This was an anticipated choice when C2 start and clearly now the sky is more blue.
The main problem is that C2 doesn't have the total controle of the output.
We ALWAYS use a browser (embeded or not), a wrapper, ect..ect..
the globals optimisation of draw call ect.. can't be done by C2 directly and depend a lot of the export.
You have implanted great things in the past like webrtc ect.. but who use it really ? how many project/game use it ?
You take technologie choice that in my opinion good in the futur but not totaly perfect or powerfull in 2014 or 2015.
You say that solution decreapeted like ejecta/coconjs aren't good because they don't support some webfeature ???
But the WHO CARE ABOUT THAT ??????? O_o
If someone is using C2 to dev a full featured web application OK, build a full export with cordova.
With an exepensive build-in engine, that will make you have an fat an heavily memory print export.
Solution like GLESJS for exemple or other litte wrapper where not bad at all.
I know that in a commercial society you can't support all of that solution.
But why not have your LITTLE / FAST / LIMITED export.
C2 is use for game.
And in the most part for mobile game.
PC gaming are less impacted using node-webkit and don't really care about performance.
I just ******* web feature that i don't need and NEVER use.
I just want basic input (touch), play sound and draw sprite that all we REALLY need to make a game.
So in that way why no make avaiable some specific export of C2 that will target not ALL the feature but just some of same to make game ;)
And if someone will need more feature he will use more fat solution but with all the feature build-in.

5 - After and not the Last
Thx Ashley and globally all the C2 Team and this community.
An engine is nothing without users and community.
And i love this one ;)

Happy New Year 2015 for and Great New Features for C2 (a timeline, a timeline, a timeline :P)
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Post » Thu Jan 01, 2015 9:42 pm


Search across event sheets.

Path objects (bezier curves, etc).

Don't break node-webkit just because there is a newer version.

Paster/Canvas functionality as an official plugin. Hats off to r0j0hound for these invaluable plugs, but they should be part of the engine by default.

Speaking of r0j0hound, take a close look at his port of chipmunk physics. Really. It's a more compact lib than box2D, it runs faster, and it seems to have many more features. behavior-chipmunk-physics_t110815

Circular collision 'poly' for non physics objects. More elegant than manually using distance.

...all I can think of for now. Looking forward to another year of amazing updates. :)
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Post » Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:16 pm

Start C3!!

I absolutely love C2, use it every day, but I really think it is a dead end - sadly.

For the most part C2 relies on Chrome, and is all too often broken because of it, has been for months and possibly for a few more - really!!!
Mobile is awash with crap apps, and is largely a waste of time imo.

Stop working on C2 because it is flawed due to third party reliance (we don't care about anyone else vendors), and as we all realize by now, it will not get any better - that is the way of the web, always has and always will.

Start working on C3. Use what you have learnt from CC and C2 to build a better desktop development game tool. Build it with 3D and 2D development in mind, and with exporters for Win\Mac\Linux.

Forget about google, and all the other web environments - they don't care, period!

No one blames google because your game runs like a slow motion picture with added jerkiness. No they blame you the game dev - as far as they are concerned you can't make a good game, after all even your simple 2D game doesn't run smoothly on a super machine that runs Far Cry or Need 4 Speed at 1920 x 1080 with every option set to high...!?!?!??

Start the crow funding now Ashley - I'm in already....
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Post » Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:32 pm

3D Plugin for 3D engines like blender, leadwerks and unity. Appgamekit supports Blender!!! Isometric modus in c2. Ashley could integrate this easy. I wanna use C2 without steam, it should be possible to get a licence key for the other version (substance painter offer this)
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What you want in C3?

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Post » Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:35 pm

Um, instead of moving on to C3, how about integrating any upgrades into C2 so my $135 isn't thrown away.
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Post » Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:22 am

I see this form of request list come up a lot lately. and my part of the list is always the same. Many of the best requests are impossible under C2 IDE. If you want these fantastic requests ever see the light of day. The small requests need to stop coming in and everyone voice their desire for C3. So saying so. let me add my spin on a few of these.

1. Can't happen. I love this feature two. however there are two parts holding this back.
a. The game engine doesn't support scene graphing which is more ideal to grouping animations to a time line. My suggestion. Container to be trashed and instead implement scene graphs and pre fabricated objects.
b. IDE is holding back any serously good custom new stuff. We need C3 to move on for your 1 request.
+1 for my vote

2. What your asking for is a SceneGraph. I've made an official request for this 2 years ago. and I bring in this request often with these request lists. Part of this limitation could be the IDE just lacks the ability to be a capable tool to allow for this kind of jointing of objects in the IDE tools. C3 has a better opportunity to see this even be remotly implemented.
+1 for my vote

3. Requested by me again maybe others too. Can't be done with the current IDE. need to wait for C3.
+1 for my vote

4. mostly Pass. 2016 should be the complete lack of requiring a native export. however if you need access to low level system functions. cordova opens that door. PhoneGap/Crosswalk/CJS all support cordova.

1. That would be nice

2. I wrote a pathing system. I wanted to advance the system by using bezier curves. When I moved my capx code to the plugin. I found that I couldn't create widgets. So While I could create a curve. these curves would need ot be imported or guess or tested at run time. For this tool to be properly requires widget and gizmo capabilities of the IDE tools. Which can't be done until C3.

4. Paster/Canvas needs to some polishing up. I've seen a few wierd beahviours. but It does seem to be a basic concept plugin. There is at least R0j0 plugin.

5. I looked at chipmunk. Nice. It's my goto physics for c2 and js. Not good for bullets and no effective rest state, but even without a rest state I had about 1/3 performance improvement I'm like r0j0 work on chipmunk :)

6. I agree. physics should be improved. Poly collision is expensive. There should be circular and rectangle collision checks. In fact Rect/circle should be default.

i agree that C3 should be started. but C3 is still going to be a js engiine. So it's still going to be browser based. however part of the issues that people have is that the C2 developement architecture requires more discipline for mobile performance than traditional programming or other tools. c2 is the easiering and more natural development style results in terrible mobile performance. However with diligence mobile performance is excellent.

instead C3 should be started, but with re-designing the parts that c2 has problems with. otherwise I also agree that C2 due to it's limited IDE architecture is hitting the end of the road.

unfortunately all the big stuff, modularity, reloading plugin, IDe store, Scenegraphs, widgets and gizmos and all juicy goodness that all the other tools can do, are not doable in C2 and never will be.

Sorry, but the only life C2 will see is maintaining it's current flow of small improvements. Nothing big that will really push the tool to forward can be done.

As for my self.
Edit Time access for input and behaviour drawing. That way we can make widget and gizmo's
Edit Time custom windows frame
Simpler Plugin/beahviour design that uses reflection
IDE access to the store
plugin development reloading(ie don't have to re-start c2)
Editime variable setting from widget settings
SDk that goes into guts of C2.
C2 Engine SDK(we have the plugin SDK). The engine SDK would go into features such as getting access to other plugins, behaviours and being able to use them. being able to influence the timer and stuff.
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Post » Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:01 am

Well, as long as we don't throw away the html5 export, it is fine (that is what I paid for, and that only).

however I would love to see the end of wrapper support alltogether:
not saying replacing them with native exporters (it can be done, but that is not the point of my request), just throw them away, wrapper specific or browser specific features are not something that should even have been done in the first place, if someone wants to have a wrapper specific feature, either let them implement it themselves, or give them a base to work with delivered AS IS with no warranty whatsoever, same goes with the exporters, wrappers are made by third party, and none are to be supported by scirra, C2 produce Javascript which I would really hope is based on defined specifications, then the wrappers interprets that, so "official support" just means you are doing the work backwards.

actually, phonegap is not the future at all, it is either based on the OS version (and so will be outdated with time like IE was), or is updated without the app itself, which can be disastrous too, crosswalk and node webkit are fine, but I still do not see much point in using them for more than half the applications (speaking technicity wise, the browser can do almost the same for most apps I saw, only being paid can justify that use, and sometimes it is not even the case), and custom engines are also prone to issues and incompatibilities too, my point: do not support what you cannot, the users can make them work, fine, they cannot, too bad, not your job, when cocoonJS canvas+ got deprecated, it went better for a time it seems, see the pattern?

3rd party exporters are to banish from C2 itself, from the homepage too, if that means not being replaced with anything, that is fine: wrapping by hand is not something that should be known by the users I think, as it is not related to C2 at all, I just want to see that being completely done (there is no real complete support anyway, so the change is minor).

apart from that, not many complains on my part.
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Post » Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:16 am

jayderyu wrote:5. I looked at chipmunk. Nice. It's my goto physics for c2 and js. Not good for bullets and no effective rest state, but even without a rest state I had about 1/3 performance improvement I'm like r0j0 work on chipmunk :)

I was wondering about the lack of a rest state; I assumed it just wasn't implemented by r0j0hound, or needed to be enabled manually. So there is no support for that in chipmunk? It seems like that could be a disadvantage on mobile (I forsee hot phone & battery life issues).
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Post » Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:49 am

I would love for a full complement of Box 2D physics functions, as alluded to already. Rojo's Chipmunk plugin looks excellent - when I tested it with moving on-screen sprites the performance was identical to C2's Box 2D. So, rather than ask Ashley to start over and try to implement yet another physics engine, I would rather that the missing Box 2D functions could be added instead - you know, weld joints, kinematic bodies, contact points, debug world rendering, and so on....
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Post » Fri Jan 02, 2015 3:19 am

Expanded solid behavior so we can turn solid object only in relations to other selected object.

Simplified picking between objects of same type, so we won't have to constantly use walk around. Also simplified picking in general ( when objects arre stuck up on each other for example )

Visual Array editor. I don't ask for much. I just want to double-click on array, have a spreadsheet window pop up, with current array options and SAVE button, so we actually store array data within array object.

Menu object, even basic, but visual, so we can quickly make game menus.

Inventory object. Same as menu, but more versatile in options. I can program my own myself, but again we're trying to trim the fat and actually have tools we can work fast with, removing mundane tasks.

A STABLE and well performing DESKTOP EXPORTER pc/mac/lnx

Expanded movement plugins with ability to set movement angles and speed for those manually trough plugins ui.

This one is a bit nebulous request but an additional behavior trough which we could set objects that the object with behavior would avoid would be nice.
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