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Post » Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:49 pm

Hey Guys!
I created a game in Construct. I just created an apk file with Intel XDK, using Cordova. I have 2 problems with it:
First: my apk file is 38mb (i expected about 30-40 so it's okay) but if i install it, it says it's 70mb.
Second: When I open my application on my phone, I see a white flash (every opening, and only one flash). The game is fine, but i dont like that flash :/
In Intel XDK i deleted all the cordova plugins, because if i don't, my game will show a cordova logo at the start. Maybe is it the problem ? If i see the logo, there is no flash.
Please help me with the size, and with the flash.

Thank you: Dogex
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