Why does grid not start at 0,0?

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Post » Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:16 pm

Somebody wrote:Or... if the user doesn't see that it snaps to the rather obvious center point after a snap or two, perhaps there's a bit of user error there as well.

Oh, nonono, dont go down that dark path and blame it on the user. :(

If your app / website / program / car / bottle of water does not work the way people are used to it from similiar, more popular products, you cant expect your users to just guess how it works. You need to explain and find a good reason why it's different.
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Post » Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:20 pm

Well, that is what I was implying - it is different because you are dealing with an object, not an image. An object that has an origin point that's freely editable - so your operations are based around that origin point.

Say, you have a sprite that's like a turret: O==] - would you want it to snap to every edge or to the center of it, according to the origin point? C2 may have some interesting UI choices now and then, but I wouldn't call this one of them.
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Post » Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:30 pm

Giraffentoast wrote:If the user snaps an object to the border of the layout, he expects it to snap to it, not be cut in half with 50-75% of it invisible.

Not really. Snaps do not work with object shapes but with objects Hotspot positions

If you were to limit snaps just to the border then you would never placed an object with centered hotspot next to the edge of layout.
Grids are not limited to the layout as well, they are visible only on the layout area but they extend over it.

This is not a typical image editing software where area of work is all what you get. In C2 layout size is just a visual representation of the game screen where you can place objects. Notice that you can place them not only inside the layout but outside too.
And if you turn on Unbounded scrolling then you will see that layout have no limits in size anymore - can have probably infinite size.
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