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Post » Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:25 pm

I have a fews issue that I can't get my head around.

Issue One:

I have 3 layers.

Layer0. Ground floor and the Hero objects. Hero has Platform behavior and the floor is just a solid.
Layer1. Made up of little boxes that have the solid behavior
Layer2. The HUD layer.

I place everything on the 'Level' tab editor window to be where I need them. When I hit 'Run layout' nothing is lined up. And the objects do not interact correctly. It is like they are not represented correctly once it is ran.

Issue Two:

When scrolling in the editor for the same level, only layer 1 scrolls.


I am sure these two issues are related. But, I cannot see where to make adjustments needed.

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Post » Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:08 pm

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