Why would an experienced C2 user would move to C3?

Post » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:24 am

For me its MAC support plus Build Service. I am so tired of using C2 on My mac with Virtual Machine switching back and fourth :)
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Post » Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:39 pm

Difficult to answer the question at this stage.

Based on what we've seen to date, I don't feel as if there are any truly impressive new features, mostly improvements upon
C2 (but great improvements indeed).

So what would it take to make C3 provide a major leap ahead? I would argue that being able to rapidly prototype in the
event sheet system, then, when things get very large and/or complex, have the ability to move to scripting, would be major
plus. Scirra's event system is great to get people started and quite powerful, but tends to become difficult to maintain for
large projects. I know there has been some news about exporting the event sheets to pseudo-code in C3, but this would
need to work both ways to add true value.

Another great improvement would be to make it easier to extend C3. Although C2 can be extended with javascript, many
people have had issues with minifying code. A more integrated solution in this area would be great (in fact, with a scripting
ability, you could directly extend C3 with its own language, avoiding having to write external code using another language).

I would even argue that with the two features above C3 could be a serious competitor to Unity for 2D games. As things stand
however, I'm a bit worried that C3's main target will remain occasional/beginner programmers and with the subscription model
many of these may shy away.

Let's see what happens...
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