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Post » Wed Jul 09, 2014 9:35 pm

Are you people really still discussing this after I had dropped it for weeks and not even visited the forum for a while? I pretty much don't even care about making games for the wii u anymore. and for the record, the game being discussed, which is called "Meloetta: Melody of Discord" was not actually the game I intended to port to the wii U. It is, in fact, made in Multimedia Fusion, so I CAN'T put it on the wii u, no matter what. It's just not possible... the only reason this game even came up was because nintendo asked me for the name of something I created in the past, and I said I cited that game. I know you are probably gonna say "well they will still see it and decide copyright is an issue" or something, and I am sure anything I make with Construct will have just as many copyrighted characters as it does. But as I said, I don't really wish to discuss it anymore, and I have pretty much just let this topic go, and want it to just die. And for the record, my game is actually SUPPORTING Sea Shepherd, just so you know. They are an animal rights activist group, they ought to appreciate the publicity.
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Post » Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:43 pm

It wasn't clear that wasn't the game you were submitting. Anyway, locking.
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