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Wolfpack — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

It is the height of the war in the North Atlantic. German Uboats traveling in "wolf packs" are attacking our merchant and troop ships headed for Britain. You are the captain of an American destroyer escorting our ships across the Atlantic. Your mission is to attack the Uboats and destroy them with depth charges before they can sink our merchant ships.

The Uboats will have air support from German Stukas trying to bomb your ship. You will loose Health points by being hit by enemy bombs. The point loss to your Health will vary depending on which Difficulty Level you select in the Game Options. The number of depth charges that you will have is also determined by the difficulty level you select. You score points by destroying the enemy subs. You can earn either a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal depending on your performance.

Note: you must play this game using a browser program.

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