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Post » Sat Nov 09, 2013 6:54 am


I'm not sure if anybody else encounter the same problem when building modile version game. My device is ASUS padfone infinity and I build apk through CocoonJS.

When I test my game in CocoonJS launcher, there are clicking sounds(or I should call it noise) around every 0.5 sec. Not to say the cloud service compiled APK has the same problem. But the most interesting thing is there is no such clicking sound on HTC desire HD.I tried to open a blank C2 project, put only 1 line to play the music, load it to CocoonJS launcher. Then I get the same different clicking noise responses on the 2 different devices.

I'm wondering it's possibly owing to the buffer size, so I add another line to slower down the playback rate, trying to watch the response. Interestingly, the noise disappear when I set playback rate to 0.7 . So I use audio editor program to speed up the .wav music(set length to 70%), and load it to C2. Finally solve the problem on my ASUS padfone infinity.

It may not be a issue for C2 or CocoonJS, but if you wish a better mobile device compatibility, this is a practical work around.
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Post » Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:45 am


Thanks for info

anyway: OMG :) It seems that CocoonJS audio issues are like socialism: inventing problems where no one expects them
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