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Post » Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:10 pm

Hi Folks, I am working on a boat loading game that has 6 rows (lanes). In those rows you have cars and trucks and they are moving towards the loading gate of a ferry boat. Think frogger-esque looking lanes.

I need to use swipe commands to be able to slow down the cars, speed them up, or have them change lanes. Also tap and hold to stop them temporarily while I have contact however the drivers get angry when you do that so it wont work forever.

I want to be able to swipe each of the two loading ramps (top and bottom) to load the cars onto the boat. But because space is limited on the boat I want to only load cars in pairs that match (in size or exact match - not sure yet)

If the cars stack up waiting to get on the boat the game would end when the line of cars fills width of the screen in any of the columns.

Currently I am just trying to get this working as a demo as a proof of concept before I go any further.

If anyone knows of existing games or templates I could look at for code that would help me get something mocked up in a few days that would be fantastic.

I am just getting started with Construct 2 and will post a .capx as soon as I can figure out what folder it is being saved into on my machine ;)

I am not asking for anyone to make my game for me, merely some pointers in the right direction, your help is so greatly appreciated.

Basic Layout
o#o = vehicle

o#o          o#o |      |=|
      o#o        |      |B|
   o#o    o#o     |o#o   |O|
o#o               |      |A|
o#o          o#o |      |T|
o#o      o#o     |      |=|

Thanks a bunch.


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