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Sorry, I really thought I'd completed the game, I tested onSamsung Android using XDK, apk and it works fine, runs fast and doesn't crash.
I've just been testing it on a cheap android phone pixi 4 = CPU Quad-core 1.3 GHz CPU Core 1.3 CPU speed 1300.0 MHz

And if I'm lucky I can get to play level 1 from the main menu screen, when I do get to level 1 it runs really slow. then crashes and goes back to home screen.

Because it crashes in different places, home screen, loading screen, level 1, I can't pin down what the problem is.
I'm guessing my game: 90mb, memory use 197mb, events 3097 is using too much for it?

Screen size 640,360 and I use a png background at that size on each level.

I did minimise it on XDK not sure if that would cause such a problem.

If my game is too hungry for cheap phones, do you know if I can select only powerful phones when submitting to android app store?

Any advice would really help.

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