Wrap to viewport bug?

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Post » Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:55 am

Link to .capx file (required! If link is blocked remove the http and www parts):

Steps to reproduce:
1. create physics object
2. create 8 direction playerBox object with touch control
3. camera object with scroll to pin to playerBox.Y
4. set playerBox wrap to viewport

Observed result:
screen flicks, playerBox disappear(Y position also changed)

Expected result:
playerBox stay where he is, no flicks, only wrap when playerBox go out of viewport.

wrap to layout works fine, this problem only happen when i wrap to viewport which is what i need for different mobile screen sizes.

Browsers affected:
Chrome: yes
Firefox: yes
Internet Explorer: yes

Operating system & service pack:
latest windows7 64bit
Construct 2 version:
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