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Post » Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:40 pm

[quote="Ashley":2e5gpei7]It would be difficult to get all the information under "Supported file formats" in that space, with the different WAV codecs built in, how to check the codec, the full in-memory decompression of OGG files which might be undesirable, and the way Directshow codecs work for 'Play Music'. It's all kind of important, and it might be misleading to omit any of it - if OGG isn't listed there as a supported file format, for example, a user might assume it is not at all supported, when in fact the decompression thing isn't an issue if the sound is short (like most sound effects). If it is listed, they might wonder why a lot of memory is used if they load in a music track with it. And to be honest, looking it up in the documentation is kind of the usual place to go to find out this stuff, and since you've looked at it once, you now know. Or you can bookmark it for reference.

The tip at the top is useful to summarise what a parameter is for, but I don't think it's a substitute for complete documentation.[/quote:2e5gpei7]
copy pasted all the relevant info from wiki --

(forum cuts off part of image, but it all fits in the box and i think the font i used is bigger anyway)

it could be phrased better and at the end mention "more info at wiki" or whatever. i think it's doable ;). it would be nice if those tip boxes were accessible to users to edit -- like .txt file(s) that store it all and we could edit in notepad. would let us make personal notes and what not, but we could also submit them to be packaged with later builds if approved.
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I think a hint of the day would be better for this kind of thing.
Something like "Did you know music can't be played as a sound effect?"
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