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Post » Sat Aug 16, 2014 11:44 am

I will post new XDK & Crosswalk features here.

10/18/14 Fixes problem specifying orientation with android/cordova

10/18/14 9 patch is supported for splash screens

10/18/14 App names now can have single quotes. For example, you can have an app name: Robert's Game. You can also use unicode.

10/18/14 Crosswalk 7 & 8 are updated to cordova 3.5.1. This fixes the cordova XAS vulnerability. Read more: viewtopic.php?f=146&t=101139&p=846131#p846131

10/2/14 Crosswalk Beta was updated in build system to This fixes a problem where pressing home/back did not pause the game & music

9/8/14 Crosswalk was updated in build system. Beta is crosswalk 8, stable is crosswalk 7. Release notes are here: https://github.com/crosswalk-project/cr ... ease-Notes
Most notable is support for gamepad API

9/8/14 XDK now handles unicode in app names, so you can publish apps under names that are not English

8/16/14 Orientation locking. In XDK build settings, you can set orientation to be landscape or portrait. You can also set the orientation in your c2 project, but it won't take effect until after the splash screen is dismissed.
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Post » Sun Aug 17, 2014 5:34 pm

just tested, landscape orientation locking works really well with the latest version of the xdk.
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