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Post » Fri May 24, 2013 12:52 am

I'm sorry if the subject is not match with my question.

so, I have 3 event sheet
-esmain (event sheet for main level)
-esmain2 (next level of esmain)

esglmain included in esmain and esmain2

in esglmain I load xml using ajax

when I run the project, in main level, xml working well,
XML.NodeCount("/d/t[c='kota']/c") give a result 1 and this is correct

but when I'm in main level 2 (esmain2), that xpath give a result 0,

I don't really know where is my problem, because esmain and esmain2 have a same event, can somebody help?malioboro2013-05-24 07:36:05
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