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Zombie Forest 3D BG — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Famekrafts.com presents


Rendered in 3D, composited in photoshop, a HD splashscreen

background. Can be used for main menu, backgrounds, loading screens etc.

Zombie Forest Background Size: 1536 x 2048 pixels

High resolution transparent png and photoshop files provided.

WIP files for both Zombie and Background is provided.

Photoshop Compostion files for background and Zombie is provided.

Render Passes for Zombie are provided.

*Adobe Photoshop is required to open psd files.

Special Zombie Forest LAYERS folder is provided where each layer has been exported individually as png.

This way if you do not have Photoshop software, you can use free

software like GIMP to edit and overlay layers of your choice or discard layers not required.

Note: Flash and/or Photoshop layers have been made invisible to bring down the file size. Please do not panic if you see a blank screen. Make layers visible by clicking the eye icon in the layers pallete.

Free Gift: With every Game pack we create, we are giving something absolutely Free

It can be another asset, a complete bundle pack, 3D Printable model/s, a printable paper craft we created or a complete craft/tutorials ebook.

GIFT for this pack is :-

Second Zombie Background

A high resolution Zombie Background composited in Photoshop.

This comes with Photoshop composition file as well as LAYERS folder.

Can be used for Splash Screens and Game menu.

Provided with this pack in the folder called Free Gift.

Contact us for any problems you face or demand for new asset packs.

Behance Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/Famekrafts


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