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Post » Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:46 pm

[color=#00FFFF:28sjq6wu][Download][/color:28sjq6wu] http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3007172/My%20Pr ... 20Rage.zip

[color=#505050:28sjq6wu][Note][/color:28sjq6wu] I know u can edit the hi-score, I don't care! Edit it if u want, it's boring anyways

[color=#505050:28sjq6wu][Note][/color:28sjq6wu] There are a lot of bugs in it but u can't imagine what problems I had till I fixed the tough ones!

[color=#505050:28sjq6wu][Note][/color:28sjq6wu] I know that there are no sounds - I just hate searching for resources!

[color=#505050:28sjq6wu][Note][/color:28sjq6wu] I can fix the easy bugs myself, I don't like being helped

[color=#505050:28sjq6wu][Note][/color:28sjq6wu] U can put ur music in the resources\music folder

[color=#FF8000:28sjq6wu][Help][/color:28sjq6wu] If someone can help - I can't fix these messages!

[color=#FF0000:28sjq6wu]Main Menu[/color:28sjq6wu]:
[color=#00FF00:28sjq6wu][Fix][/color:28sjq6wu] When u click on the WINDOW button, the resolution will automatically change to the selected one [DONE]
[color=#00FF00:28sjq6wu][Fix][/color:28sjq6wu] I may find a lot of bugs in the sliders for the sound/music volume [DONE]
[color=#0000FF:28sjq6wu][Improvement][/color:28sjq6wu] I'll make the button texts fade in/out [DONE]
[color=#00FF00:28sjq6wu][Fix][/color:28sjq6wu] If I can, I'll fix the messages [PARTIALLY DONE]
[color=#0000FF:28sjq6wu][Improvement][/color:28sjq6wu] More messages [DONE]
[color=#0000FF:28sjq6wu][Improvement][/color:28sjq6wu] More weapons - whatever comes out of my microscopic brain [DONE]
[color=#0000FF:28sjq6wu][Improvement][/color:28sjq6wu] Ammo [DONE]
[color=#0000FF:28sjq6wu][Improvement][/color:28sjq6wu] More pickups - based on the new weapons[/list:u:28sjq6wu] [DONE]

use the above link to download it

[Improvement] Weapon/Ammo Menu
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