Zombie Run (240x240) Game for Smartwatch ( Iconbit )

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Post » Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:51 am

Hello all :D ,

I want to show you my first Project which is specifically developed for all Smartwatches with a Display w/h 240 x 240 pixel. 8-)

For Example http://www.iconbit.com/products/107967/

As soon as the the game arrives Beta Status it will be available on the Android Market.

Story is very simple and completely none sense.

Zombies went for a run and you need to prevent them crossing the finish line by taping them to death.

Depending on your Score more Zombies will appear. If you reach a defined score a Boss will cross. In later version there will be more Zombie sprites, Levels and maybe some unlockables. :idea: :?: :!:

This game is still in development. You can test the actual game status at the Scirra Arcade 8-)


Fell free to comment and suggest improvments. :mrgreen:

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