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How to make a game

By Thomas Gullen

If you want to learn how to make a game Construct 2 will help you with your quest to make the next Angry Birds! Construct 2 can also be downloaded for free as well.

But I can't program!

That's OK! Construct 2 doesn't require programming to make games. It uses a drag and drop interface which makes it easy to arrange your game characters and enemies.

Watch this 2 minute video showing you just how easy it is to make games in Construct 2:

Making your first game

Follow the following 3 steps to learn how to make your first game in Construct 2.

Step 1: Install the latest edition of Construct 2

Download and install the newest release of Construct 2 here.

Step 2: Beginner's tutorial guide

Read through the tutorial for beginners on how to make your first game.

Step 3: Share your game!

We also have an online HTML5 arcade where you can upload your games and show them to all your friends! If you want to make money from your games have a look at uploading your games to the Chrome Webstore.

Stuck? Don't know how to do something?

Join our friendly forum for game makers. Someone will be able to help you in there! We also have a lot more tutorials and a fully completed manual for Construct 2.