Construct 2 Keyboard Shortcuts


Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + Drag with mouse left button Duplicate

Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo

Ctrl + A Select all

Ctrl + N New project
Ctrl + O Open project
Ctrl + S Save project

Alt + F4 Close Construct 2

You can also press Alt to navigate the ribbon. When you press it, some tooltips should appear indicating the keys to press for each option.

F4 Preview project from first layout
Ctrl + F4 Debug from first layout
F5 Preview current layout (hold shift for continuous preview)
Ctrl + F5 Debug current layout
F6 Export project

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up or Num pad + Zoom in
Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Down or Num pad - Zoom out
Add shift to adjust the zoom distance.

Ctrl + 0 Return to 100% zoom

Middle mouse button drag or Hold space and move mouse Pan the view

Delete Delete selected item(s)
F2 Rename selected item

Ctrl + click Add or remove clicked item from selection
Shift + click As with Ctrl, but in Event Sheet View this selects everything in between the last selected item and the clicked item.

Escape Cancel drag or placement or event search

Ctrl + Tab Go to next tab to right
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Go to next tab to left

Layout view

See also: Layout View

Ctrl + E or Shift + Tab Go to associated event sheet

Arrow keys Nudge selected objects 1 pixel - hold shift to nudge 10 pixels

Hold shift while resizing objects for proportional resize
Hold shift while rotating objects to lock to 5 degree increments
Hold shift while dragging objects for axis-lock (move along diagonals only)
Hold tab and click a selected object to select the next object underneath in the Z order
Hold alt while moving selection to temporarily disable grid snapping while held
Hold control while resizing selection to resize relative to the center of the object

Ctrl + D Unselect all
Ctrl + Shift + Up Send to front of layer
Ctrl + Shift + Down Send to back of layer

C Center horizontally in window
T Align to top of window

Enter Wrap selection (to rotate or stretch the selection as a whole)
W Select container and wrap. For example, select one object in a container of eight objects, press W, then all eight objects are selected and wrapped.

To paste objects in-place (so they paste at their original positions, instead of relative to the mouse), hold Shift while placing a paste. The full process is: Ctrl + C to copy an object; press Ctrl + V to turn the mouse to a crosshair, hold Shift and click, all objects paste at their original positions (instead of by the mouse) and the mouse returns to a normal cursor.

When editing tilemaps using the Tilemap Bar:
1 Set normal layout selection
2 Set pencil tile tool
3 Set rectangle tile tool
4 Set erase tile tool
X Flip horizontal
Y Flip vertical
Z Rotate 90 degrees clockwise

Shift + right click Select a patch of tiles from the tilemap

Event Sheet View

See also: Event Sheet View

Ctrl + L or Shift + Tab Go to associated layout (if any - event sheets only used via includes have no associated layout)

Ctrl + F Open 'Events' ribbon tab and focus the event search field

Ctrl + Home Go to top of sheet
Ctrl + End Go to bottom of sheet

Ctrl + F2 Toggle bookmark at selected event
F2 Go to next bookmark in project
Shift + F2 Go to previous bookmark in project

F3 Toggle breakpoint
F8 Copy a screenshot of the selected events, conditions or actions to the clipboard

In the new condition/action dialog or parameters dialog:
Alt + Left Back/Cancel
Alt + Right Next/Done

Up arrow key and Down arrow key Move the selection up and down the event sheet
Left arrow key and Right arrow key Move the selection sideways between Events, Conditions and Actions

Enter Edit selected item

Escape Clear event search

A Add action
B Add blank subevent
C Add condition
D Toggle selected items disabled
E or Num pad + Add event below
Shift + E or Num pad - Add event above
G Add group
I Invert selected conditions
N Add include
R Replace object
Q Add comment
S Add subevent
V Add variable
X Add 'Else' event following selected event
Y Toggle 'Or' block

Parameters dialog

The parameters dialog is where you enter expressions, e.g. the X and Y co-ordinate for Set position.

F4 Toggle the floating expressions panel visible. This shows every expression you can use.

Tab Next parameter
Shift + Tab Previous parameter
Escape Cancel
Enter Done

Image and Animations editor

See also: Image and Animations editor

Quick assign origin and image points:
Num pad 1 or End Bottom left
Num pad 2 Bottom
Num pad 3 or Page down Bottom right
Num pad 4 Left
Num pad 5 Center
Num pad 6 Right
Num pad 7 or Home Top left
Num pad 8 Top
Num pad 9 or Page up Top right
Arrow keys Nudge 1 pixel
Hold Shift to apply the origin/image point to the entire animation. Shift + Click also applies that positioning to the entire animation.

Shift + Crop button Crop entire animation
Shift + Mirror button Mirror entire animation
Shift + Flip button Flip entire animation
Shift + Rotate Clockwise button Rotate entire animation clockwise
Shift + Rotate Anticlockwise button Rotate entire animation anticlockwise

Animations only:
Ctrl + Left or - Previous animation frame
Ctrl + Right or + Next animation frame
P Preview animation