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How to get Funding for your Game

Everyone's circumstances are different and there are lots of ways you can fund your game ideas!

What is a Funding Platform?

A funding platform allows you to post an idea you have and people from all over the world can contribute small donations to help you reach your goal. It's a great way to raise money to buy a Construct 2 license and anything else you need to complete your game.

What should I prepare?

The more you have to show people, the more chance you will have at being fully funded! Remember you are asking people to donate money for your idea - the best way to get people excited about it is to show your passion for your project. Here are some suggestions:

  • Use the free edition of Construct 2 to create a playable demo
  • Show people any artwork/sketches you have
  • Explain clearly what you need the money for
  • Maybe a short video interview with yourself
  • Provide rewards for people who fund you (for example if you fund over $10 you might like to give the pledger a free copy of your game when it's completed!)

Funding Platforms

Here are some potential funding platforms we've found that you might like to consider!

8-Bit Funding is a funding platform specifically for games! There is currently no minimum funding amount!. Learn more about how it works.

KickStarter is a very popular and well know funding platform. There is currently no minimum funding amount!. Learn more about how it works.

IndieGoGo is a free funding platform. The minimum funding amount is currently $500. Learn more about how it works or create your project.